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Deciding on the 1st project - 11th August 2023 Update

👋 Hi there!

It's been 2 weeks since I announced that I'm launching a course on how to learn NestJS by building real-world projects.

A lot has happened in those 2 weeks! Thank you to so many of you who have written in with requests for the course content. Please keep the emails coming! I've replied to everyone so far and I will continue to do so 🫡.

Here's an update on the launch of the course:

🚀 1st project is defined and underway!

As mentioned above, the way the course will be structured is by building projects.

I can confirm the 1st project in the course will be the following:

We'll build the ultimate NestJS starter repo! It will cover SO many practical tips and wisdom that make spinning up a NestJS server way more efficient and provide you with a great developer experience out of the box.

We'll actually create 2 starter repos: one for standard NestJS standalone servers and a monorepo starter repo that supports multiple NestJS servers and clients.

The starter repos we build will actually be used in all future projects in the course. This will give a strong foundation for each project and save a lot of repeated setup.

The other projects in the course will be announced in due course!

💰 Update on course price

Everything I've shared before on my blog has always been for free and for the NestJS community. I can confirm though that this course will be a paid course. I'll be announcing the course price closer to launch (I haven't figured out yet how much it should be!).

💡 Other updates

  • I'm going to use Podia to host the course. I considered building a custom course platform (what developer wouldn't?!) but I decided to use a platform that already has everything I need, from video hosting to a payment platform to collect payments internationally.
  • For the launch of the course in November, I've decided not to cover any content around NestJS microservices features. Within a few months of launching the course, I plan to add some extra projects to cover microservices, but they won't be included in the course launch! There will, however, be a project where we build out some asynchronous capability using queues to handle CPU-intensive tasks.

✅ Next steps:

I'm going to continue building this course in public, sharing updates with you every 2 weeks to keep you in the loop on my progress. Here are some of my next to-do items to work through:

  • Finish working on the 1st project (the ultimate NestJS starter repo)
  • Make a start on the next project (will announce what this project is about in 2 weeks!)

As always, please reply to any email you receive from me with any feedback or suggestions for the course, I'd love to hear from you!